Stretta FAQ

Stretta FAQ

How long does the Stretta Procedure by Curon Medical take?

The Stretta Procedure is designed to take less than one hour. Patients arrive 30 minutes to an hour before the procedure and are typically able to go home with the help of a relative or friend about an hour after the procedure is completed.

What kind of anesthesia is used in the Stretta Procedure?

Patients receive conscious sedation during the procedure. Under conscious sedation, the patient will feel very little of the intervention. In most cases the patient is comfortable and will remember little about the procedure upon awakening.

Is this Stretta Procedure considered surgery?

The Stretta Procedure is a non-surgical procedure. The procedure is performed through the mouth and the esophagus, involves no cutting or sewing, and leaves no skin incisions or scars.

What can I expect in terms of my GERD symptom improvement after the Stretta Procedure?

Most patients experience reduction in heartburn and regurgitation symptoms within one month of the procedure, and are able to discontinue drug therapy with minimal residual symptoms. Your individual results may vary.

Is the Stretta Procedure currently available?

The Stretta™ System has been cleared by the FDA specifically for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The company has begun selling the system in the U.S. in May 2000 and will begin training physicians to perform the procedure shortly thereafter.

Will I have to continue taking GERD medication after the Stretta Procedure?

Most patients who have the Stretta Procedure have been able to discontinue their reflux medications within a month after the procedure, and symptoms continue to improve during the 6 months following the procedure.

If you are having heartburn more than twice a week, Always!! See your doctor.


Todd Stockford

I am a Stretta patient of Dr. Noar’s and am interested in a second procedure. Can Dr. Noar please call me for a consult? I need to know what testing is required prior to a second Stretta. Thanks!


Joan C Price

Is the Stretta procedure peformed for Silent Reflux?


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