Do you have Gastroparesis?

Do you suffer from the Gastroparesis-like symptoms of:

Chronic Nausea, Vomiting, Bloating, or Increased Fullness after Meals?


You may have a curable form of Gastroparesis.


· Of the estimated 40 million Americans that suffer from this disease, 25-28% have a subtype that can be cured with simple endoscopic balloon dilation.


· 3CPM® Company EGG GMAT® software successfully detects this subtype and predicts a 96% response to endoscopic pyloric balloon dilation.


· In other subtypes, Enterra stimulators may work to control Gastroparesis


· The 3CPM Company EGG software can determine if your ICC’s (interstitial cells of Cajal) are of a high enough quality and quantity to predict the success of the pacemaker.


· This is because our highly reliable 3cpm signal correlates directly with ICC integrity


· Your Personalized Diagnosis Of Gastroparesis Improves the Success of Treatment



It is all about the 3 (cycle-per-minute signal)

So…ask your doctor…what is my 3?

EGG is the Key to your 3 and successful Therapy

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